What is a Medi Spa?

Medi Spas are providers of advanced non-invasive services and technologies designed to provide a significant cosmetic enhancement with minimal or no discomfort or recovery time.  These services may be provided by a physician, nurse or other medical professional, esthetician or other cosmetology professional, and/or a laser technician.

Medi Spa services are truly “lunchtime” procedures that can help you diminish or rid yourself of skin or body imperfections and help you feel good about the way you look.  Medi Spa services may include permanent hair removal, wrinkle reduction, cellulite reduction, non-surgical facelifts, skin tightening, acne reduction, body contouring and inch loss, skin resurfacing and much more!

A Medi Spa, as the name suggests, is a fantastic way to combine advanced beauty procedures and advanced technologies with traditional spa treatments in order to achieve an outcome that you’ll be absolutely delighted with.

Consumer demand for Medi Spa’s is higher than ever before, and the rapidly growing spa industry is playing an important role in that. Many of today’s regular spa clients are looking for more value and better results compared to regular spa treatments.  Consumers are now demanding that if they have booked for an anti-aging facial they actually want to look younger and more vibrant. 

What is the biggest consumer concern?  The majority of consumers say value and they want to see results! The need for a higher level of education and better standards is the main difference between spa and Medi Spa. One of the main differences is in focus on the skin, the body as a whole and results in treatments compared to just pampering and relaxation alone.

One of Winnipeg’s most innovative  Medi Spa’s is Zealous MediSpa is located at 390K Provencher Blvd. right at the corner of Provencher Blvd. and Des Meurons.  Zealous MediSpa specializes in non surgical skin and body care, such as Cold Laser and IPL photorejuvenation and Laser hair removal, microdermabrasion, instant face lift, inch loss with Eurowave, fat dissolve with LipoLaser, electrolysis, and full body and  ion foot detox treatments. They also combine traditional relaxing and pampering spa services such as facials, makeup, waxing, sugaring, and luxury manicures and pedicure with an advanced MediSpa twist.  What ever your needs they provide a private and confidential assessment and put together a customized package that meets your needs and goals to that promote your total well-being and ultimate wellness.

The Zealous MediSpa program is operated under the supervision and direction of certified and licensed master esthetician Jessica LoRusso.  She is known to be the pioneer for new and upcoming procedures and technologies here in Winnipeg.  Her vision for Winnipeg is to make available these advanced procedures at affordable prices and to provide options that are non surgical, non invasive, completely safe with no downtime.  Jessica believes in everyone participating in the wellness arena of the future.

There is no end in sight for the fusion of advanced based technologies and the relaxation of spa services.  Medi Spas are now raising the bar for the spa industry and opening doors for many opportunities for consumers.  In the end, consumers will find it a good thing because of the added value, specialized staff and results based technology.

For more information go to our website at zealousmedispa.com and sign up for you free gift.  Book a private and confidential consultation at 204.415.3159 for more personal treatment.