Melasma is a form of hyperpigmentation characterized by patches of darker, brownish skin around the cheeks, upper lip and forehead . It can be caused by a fluctuation in hormones (which is why it’s sometimes called the “mask of pregnancy”) or prolonged sun exposure.


After your  assessment a specific treatment program will be recommended that addresses your individual needs, your specific  program.

Advanced Skin Care: Focus is on improvement of hyperpigmentation and providing nutrition to the skin.

Deep Therapeutic Peels:  Offers a number of options that help correct hyperpigmentation.

Microdermabrasion:  Remove superficial dead skin cells, clear your pores from debris resulting in a more vibrant, healthy glow to skin with improved skin tone, more even skin color, reduction of hyperpigmentation, and more refined pores.

Instant Face Lift:   Completely relaxing experience. As there is no downtime, you can resume your daily  activities immediately. Treats many facial issues including hyperpigmentation.


A homecare regimen suited to the needs of the client is essential in maintaining and prolonging  results. A regimen for hyperpigmented skin will help fade and control dark patches and hyper pigmented areas.