Dark Circles

Under eye circles are a natural part of aging process, but how severely we get them depends on a combination of genetic and lifestyle factors. The main contributor to undereye “bags” is the fat that can slip forward from behind our eyes as we age. Darker skin types are often prone to more pigmentation-like undereye circles because their skin produces more melanin, while those with fairer skin are more likely to see an increased visibility in veins as their skin thins with age, which also translates into darkness under the eyes.

Being tired isn’t the underlying cause of under eye circles, but a lack of sleep can cause capillaries to swell and worsen their appearance. Allergies also aggravate the look of circles and cause puffiness because of sinus and vein congestion, and eating salty foods can lead to water retention, which also makes swelling more pronounced.


After your  assessment a specific treatment program will be recommended that addresses your individual.

Advanced Clinical Skin Care:  Choose from various treatments to either to provide nutrition and combat eye issues

Instant Face Lift:   Helps treat many facial issues and focusing on reducing dark circles under eyes, puffy and baggy eyes, pigmented skin, wrinkles and fine lines


Specific products to reduce fat, smooth skin and the appearance of cellulite are available for homecare.