Happy Birthday Mascara You Are 100

The story of mascara began in 1913 with a love-struck lady who wanted to have beautiful eyes for you fairytale price – and whose brother was a chemist.  His name Eugene Rimmel.  He understood his sister’s need and mixed a magic stone for her made of pressed coal dust and Vaseline.  With a moistened  brush she was able to apply the black solution to her lashes and make her eyes look really glamorous.  Whether or not his invention made her successful with her lover is unknown but his products were definitely a success.  Right up to the 1970’s in France, mascara was often simply referred to as “Rimmel”  In German-speaking countries, it was practically referred to a “spit colour”


Mascara Advise

The size of the brush is purely suggestive because it is deceptive to think that a huge brush means huge lashes.  Large brushes are good for thick, long lashes.  Anyone that has less voluminous lashes will achieve better results with narrower brushes which precisely grasp every little hair, without leaving any dark stains  on your eyelids.

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