Avoiding the Hazards of Holiday Eating is Easier When You Have a Plan


The Strategy: Good Company, Great Memories, Fantastic Food and No Stress

Holidays and special events bring family and friends together to celebrate traditions and spread good cheer. They also bring lots of opportunities for socializing, eating, and drinking. Even the most disciplined Ideal Protein dieter struggles with temptation during social events, especially during the holiday season. What you need is a strategy…a roadmap to guide you through these events so you won’t talk yourself into taking a day or two vacation from your weight loss journey. Luckily, Chef Verati is here to help you with some great solutions that will not slow the party down or your weight loss.

Here are 3 simple tips to remember for any upcoming event:

Be Prepared

No matter what the occasion is, there are always options that will allow you to participate in the event and stay on track with the program. Make sure you take the time to develop a plan.

Stay Focused

You have a great plan of action for your event…stick to it! You only have to fight temptation for a few hours. It’s a small price to pay in order to prevent your weight loss from stalling.

Raise a Toast

There are many ways to enjoy a non-alcoholic cocktail to participate in the party and avoid the pressures of stopping the weight loss program. One example is to use sparkling water with either our Mangosteen drink enhancer, or some slices of lemon and lime. Put them in a wine glass with some crushed ice and you’ll blend right in! Keep in mind, this is a temporary sacrifice for a long-term gain.

Final Point: Cheating only takes you further away from where you want to be. Using a social occasion as an excuse to take a break from your weight loss journey only hurts you. Every disciplined effort you make helps you get stronger as you move along the path to completing your weight loss journey. More importantly, establishing smarter choices will help you maintain your results after dieting has ended.

Stay strong and enjoy yourself!