Do Stem Cells Work in Skin Care?

Do Stem Cells Work In Skin Care ?


A Breakthrough in Anti-aging.

Through 30 years of scientific and clinical development, our unparalleled medical advisory board has created a unique derivative of stem cells that can be absorbed directly into the skin. Now, called Stemulation, it has become the most powerful regenerative mechanism for anti-aging on the market.

stemulation crows feet beforestemulation crows feet after 30 daysstemulation crows feet after 1 year

The Science Behind It.

Our revolutionary technology is based on advanced stem cell research and the effects of topical application of cell derivatives combined a clinically proven highly concentrated antioxidant.
This antioxidant is a highly effective natural and organic ingredient that has been proven through clinical trials to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by 46% and improve the tightening and firmness of skin tissue by 65%.

Stem Cells and Aging.

Stem cells in general have a legendary power for rejuvenation by triggering the production of new healthy cells in the human body. Stem cells are our “natural” defense against deterioration of the body. When we reach the age of 50 we have roughly 2% of the stem cells our bodies were born with. Since stem cells repair all forms of deterioration, the lack of available stem cells contributes to the aging of our skin.


Is the Technology Safe?

Yes. The 100% natural and organic stem cell extract (Stemulation™) is pure and safe. The active stem cell ingredients in Stemulation are non-pathogenic, ecologically friendly and free of all chemical additives. There is no injection and there are no known side effects.

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