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My name is Darcy Hannah I was introduced to the beauty industry in 2006; I had started my beauty career with Eurowave. Eurowave was my first baby and one I still hold very dear to my heart! I opened my first business as New Wave Body Image and jumped in with both feet in marketing and performing treatments on clients. I absolutely loved the interaction with my clients as well as their amazing results. With results being amazing New Wave Body Image became very successful. In 2008 I had moved New Wave Body Image into Zealous Medi Spa. I was a separate business that ran hand in hand with Zealous Medi Spa; it was a great fit for both businesses. I then felt that I needed to continue to help people in achieving these goals, not only in body contouring but in other aspects of the beauty industry. To help people overcome being self conscious with skin conditions and concerns that they have. As an added bonus the esthetics course included manicures, pedicures, makeup, and hair removal. I enjoyed all these services and with the training of Zealous Medi Spa I became a medical esthetician.

I currently own and operate both Zealous Medi Spa and New Wave Body Image. I could not have done this without the continued support of my family! I am married to my wonderful husband Jason and have 3 amazing children. Hailey is my oldest and she is currently enrolled in a skin care program and has already completed her nail program. She is currently working at Zealous Medi Spa and attending school. I have 2 smaller children, Blake who is 5 and just started kindergarten and Aubree who is 9 months old.

I take pride in upgrading my education whenever I can; this includes becoming a dermalogica expert which will happen before 2019. I am proud to say that I will be one of 4 to become a dermalogica expert this current year! This is a huge accomplishment and one I hold dear to my heart. Dermalogica has been a great partner and support in the success of Zealous Medi Spa!

Esthetician / Electrologist



Hola!  My name is Mariana Galli and I have been apart of Zealous Medi Spa since 2009. In the first years not only did I have the pleasure of working as an esthetician and electrologist but i had the honor of being the aesthetics manager. My strong accent and personality show the traits of my native land, Argentina, where I began to take my first steps in my career in the beauty industry. I specialize as cosmetologist, skin therapist, makeup artist and lash tint & lifts. I attended many seminars about new treatments in plastic surgery, cellulite and innovative ingredients in products etc.. Today as a senior esthetician i continue to grow in my career and feed my love for knowledge with new services, products and strengthening my relationship with all my clients.





My name is Amandeep, I am from India. I completed my PGD in Cosmetology, Specialization in threading and Facials in India. Back home I was a teacher; I did my studies here and accomplished being a licensed Esthetician. At Zealous Medi-Spa I work with the Dermalogica line, I am an EXPERT with Dermalogica! Zealous Medi-Spa for me is family because of my apprenticeship here; I have been with Zealous Medi-Spa for over 3 years! I love Zealous because our spa is unique, we work on many different areas, meaning: We work on Weight Loss, Skin, Nails, Body contouring, Diet program, Instant Face Lift, etc… My favorite things do to are; Threading, Lashes Facials and many more! I love all my clients here at Zealous and I hope to keep meeting new clients as well!


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My name is Gabriela Galli, I’m a licensed esthetician and I have been working at Zealous Medi Spa since 2010. I’m originally from Argentina where I went to aesthetics school and started my career in the beauty field.  I extremely value the relationships with my clients, all these years I’ve been always working in making them feel comfortable, and building a good rapport and trust with them. I love the advanced treatments that we offer at Zealous Medi Spa because the clients can see immediate results, customizing the services and taking care of the client’s skin type and concerns. I perform Microdermabrasion, Therapeutic peels, Instant Face Lift and more, these treatments help treating skin conditions, addressing effectively my client’s concern and improving my clients’ appearance from the very first session. I enjoy when I see my clients happy with the results and feel accomplished when I help improving not only their appearance but making them feel great and confident.


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Hello my name is Stephanie Truong, I starting working at Zealous Medi Spa in March 2017. When I was a little girl I had multiple dream careers, I wanted to be famous, dentist, a vet and body modification technician. I spent a majority of my allowance on nail deco stickers. I never stopped to realize I always took great care of my skin, nails and self-image. I was always interested in beauty, make up tutorials and hair removal. After high school I worked for my aunt at an Asian market but it wasn’t forever for me. I became interested in eyelash extensions, make up, and nail extensions. I googled beauty schools in Winnipeg, found The Salon Professional Academy and immediately fell in love with the school. Recently I have received my Dermalogica expert status and was the first in Winnipeg Manitoba followed by my fellow co-workers at Zealous Medi Spa. I look forward to accomplishing future goals and upgrading services I can offer clients.